Bovey 2 Yarner Wood, Dartmoor, October 2012
small 2 small 1 small 55 small 80 small 101 Recording with Rory at Lightship 95, Trinity Buoy Wharf
sat 2 Little Dartmouth, 2009 sat 1 Lyme Regis, 2012 Untitled The Thing?, Arizona, 2009

Little Chef

ContactSheet-001 port newwwwwwwwww Former premises of Little Chef, Haldon Hill, Exeter. This dorment branch of the restaurant inhabits a strange island of English roadside. It was one of 67 others that were earmarked for closure in January 2012.
robin newwww Stoke Newington, September 2012
CHEATAHS PRESS 9 CHEATAHS PRESS 5 CHEATAHS FINAL 5 cheatahs black and white CHEATAHS 8 copy Cheatahs, Stoke Newington, September 2012
Robin 2 Kings Cross, London, June 2012 london 1 Kings Cross, London, June 2012 london 2 Kings Cross, London, June 2012
Primavera Sound, Barcelona, June 2012 RR2 R2 Rnew R5 blackandwhite161 blackandwhite163 blackandwhite157 R56 R1
blackandwhite137 Newington Green, May 2012 blackandwhite147 Camden Town, May 2012 delta 1
Stoke Newington, May 2012 blackandwhite143 Kevin, Stoke Newington, May 2012 blackandwhite138
Blaque Chris, Hackney, May 2012 blackandwhite146 Athens, Greece, May 2012 blackandwhite152
Roxanne, Whitstable, May 2012 blackandwhite144
Lindsay, Crouch End, May 2012